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We Provide Transportation for Medical Appointments for Seniors in the St. Louis Area

At Senior Helpers, we provide compassionate, personalized, transportation for medical appointments in the St. Louis metropolitan area (and St. Louis County and St. Charles County) as part of our senior assistance services. Our helpers will transport our clients to a doctor’s office, dentist’s office, optometrist’s office, audiologist’s office, health clinics, a rehabilitation facility, a dialysis center, pharmacies, etc., for non-emergency medical services by appointment. We can remain with the senior for the duration of the medical services appointment. Our medical transport service attendants will then drive them back to their residence once they are finished.

Senior Helpers medical transportation service eliminates the worry and stress associated with getting to and from your medical providers’ office. Our many senior customers appreciate the extra care and assistance they receive from our drivers, which is often needed after a procedure. Our drivers are experts in gentle driving procedures ensuring a safe, comfortable ride to and from medical appointments in the St. Louis area.

Senior transportation for medical appointments is a service in St. Louis available direct from Senior Helpers.  We do need to schedule transportation for visits to doctors, clinics or for laboratory testing a minimum of 24 hours in advance. When calling for medical appointments’ transportation, please have the following information ready: your pickup address, date, time and address of appointment.

Additionally, once authorized, we can pick up medications for seniors from your local St. Louis area pharmacies.  Besides picking up prescriptions, we can pick up medical supplies, devices and other equipment from you local medical supply store. Transportation is available upon request for our clients. And, we can arrange for a home health care aide to assist in the home following more serious procedures. Our nurses can also visit seniors and distribute medications for daily dosing so that your loved one will have the correct dosage of medications ready every day.

At Senior Helpers St. Louis, we are dedicated to providing exceptional service for all of your medical needs. All drivers have excellent driving records, are fully insured, licensed and are happy to assist seniors with local transportation.

Contact Senior Helpers to Learn About Our Senior Transportation Services

Call Senior Helpers in Saint Louis, Missouri, at: 636-695-3140

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  1. Mary Alice says:

    This is a wonderful thing! Did you know that “Adults over the age of 75 are at a higher risk of being involved in automobile accidents.”? That’s a scary statistic! If you know of an elderly person that is still behind the wheel, read this:

  2. admin says:

    Thanks for the response, and yes helping seniors with any trouble getting back forth to the doctor or just running errands is more and more necessary, but if you take the time to enjoy the experience with a senior, well, it has its own rewards and probably a few great stories along the way.

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